| Cell Biology | Population Biology | Biology Practical | Life Processes | Biology of Organisms | Biostatistics | Basic Human Genetics | Basic Biochemistry | Medical Parasitology | Human Anatomy | Human and Animal Physiology | General Immunology |  Analytical Biochemistry | Primary Metabolism | Neurobiology |  Biology of Hormones | Pharmacology | General Microbiology | Scientific Communication and Writing | Biohealth Science Practical I | Biohealth Science Practical II | Research Project in Biohealth Science | Industrial Training in Biohealth Science |

| Alternative Medicine Ethnobotany | Formulation and Preparation of Herbal Medicine | Taxonomy and Medicinal Plants |  Pharmacognosy | Physiology of Reproduction | Chronic Diseases | Cancer Biology | Current Topics in Biohealth Science |

| Introduction to Science and Technology | Science and Technology in Malaysia | Environmental Philosophy and Ethics | Introduction to Hydrosphere | Man and Earth | Islamic and Asian Civilization | Ethnic Relationship | Information Skills Course | Professional Writing in English | Effective Presentation Skills | Basic Entrepreneurship Culture | Water Colour Painting |

University of Malaya
Degree of Bachelor of Science (Biohealth Science)

Pass with Honours

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