Of Hope and Fear

Listen O servant! Listen well, and clear.
For vain are your hopes if you lack fear.

Know that obedience lies in reproach.
Fear Me! And make haste your approach.

O servant! You think less of Me when you say,
you love Me, each and every day.

You lie! You sleep, yet you dare speak.
You love yourself! It’s fame you seek.

You fool the rest and say such and such.
Be quiet! You have not travelled much.

Practice not, yet to them, you preach!
O fool! You only have your self to teach!

Understand Ibn ‘Arabi, so you claim!
Your own self, you know not! What shame.

Your acts of worship, you depend on so,
Depend on Me only! Stop this show.

You say, ‘I want only You!’ What greed.
Want not to want, servant of Mine.Take heed!

True servants want nothing. Humbled, abased.
Them from themselves, completely erased!

Know your place. Realize My Might!
Only when grounded, you will take flight.

Be in need. And cling to fear.
Only then, you’ll see that hope is near!

Something to ponder upon.


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