kalam bicara

barangkali terma seperti, “blog sudah berhabuk, lama tidak terusik” sudah terlalu sinonim digunapakai dalam masyarakat seharian. namun, perihal itu jugalah yang ingin dinyatakan. mari kita bermula semula. setelah begitu lama ditinggalkan. meninggalkan jejak dalam hutan maya tiada bersempadan.


ketika sedang sibuk mencari tentang sesuatu (dirahsiakan), ‘plan’ untuk menulis tentang ‘itu’ ditangguhkan lagi. kali ini tentang Dr Muhammad Uthman el-Muhammady kita kongsi 🙂


Ustaz Muhammad Uthman El-Muhammady is an unassuming man whose taciturn manner endears him to all who meet him.Unpretentious, polite, sincere and compassionate, he cuts a distinct figure with his henna-ed hair and beard, white turban and jubbah. His easy ways have taken him to most hamlets and cities of Malaysia, and his popularity is the result of the recognition he has received for the years of selfless service he has given to the nation in the field of da’wah.

El-Muhammady, a native speaker of Malay, is as at home with English as he is with Arabic. Through the years, his fluency in these languages has helped him with his work, and, hence, it comes as no surprise that he is one of the most sought after speakers in this country. In addition, his ability to elucidate difficult ideas with ease, regurtitate long quotations at will, and explain complex concepts with clarity shows sound learning, true dedication and tireless effort in the pursuit of knowledge. From the ideas and teachings of Ibnu Khaldun, Iqbal, and Ghazzali and scores of scholars he has studied, Muhammady cannot be accused of having abandoned adab or akhlaq for ‘ilm; he illustrates, through example, that patience is the lot of knowledge-seekers and humility and tolerance that of true scholars.

In Ustaz Muhammad Uthman El-Muhammady, we find pleasing and commendable qualities. We are proud that he is a member of the ISTAC family and hope that he will continue to serve Islam with the dignity and forbearance of great Islamic personages of the past.

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