Malique Ibrahim


Malique Ibrahim, one half of the group Too Phat, released his much-anticipated independent debut album entitled OK as the nation celebrated its 51st year of independence on 31st August 2008. Coming from a background of four platinum and AIM award-winning albums alongside partner and friend Joe Flizzow, Malique has set a new standard for quality music production – something that is sorely lacking within the local music industry.

Malique is known for his poetic, socially-conscious and metaphorical lyrics in both Bahasa Melayu and English – proving that we do not have to look abroad for good penmanship. He is also known as a purist, preferring to be “heard and not seen”, letting his music to do the speaking for him.

Malique is currently managed by Qarma Musiq – an independent music label which he owns himself. The company strives to produce music for local artistes, source talented new acts and set new standards in the production of quality music.

Malique Ibrahim

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