Today is the day.

16th June 2011


I’ve just finish reading a novel, “Please don’t make me go”.  It has been my intention before to first, really fulfilling my time home reading books and second, to write in English as I want to vary my writings here.  Although my English is not that good, I thought why shouldn’t just give a try.  This epic story, (so-called epic) is all about the author himself, John Fenton in having an extremely brutal childhood.  The story also shows how in our life there’s always a good and bad side of it.  I think everyone; each of us has our own story, right?  Sorry if my explanation is not interesting enough, maybe it is because my not-so-good English.  Actually I’m quite happy with this experience. 🙂


And today is the day when I first knock on your door.  I don’t know what to say.  It has been almost a year since you welcomed me in your life.  I really thank you for that.  I’m grateful.  I know we both have realized about this.  Yes, this.  But, I am also sure that this will not happen, will not take its place without His permission.  Let me not drag it further.  For now and the time to come, lets hope and pray that Allah may lead you and me in the right way.  The way only for Him to bless.  InshaAllah. 🙂

Let’s share something you wrote to me.

Two angels assigned to record our deeds,

Like bringing us sunshine and also the rain;

Like protecting us from harm and pain.

There is another creation it is called man,

They live on Earth for a very short span;

After time expired they shall return,

And through their good deeds paradise are earned.

On the last day sails, will be raised,

And we will face Allah, the most praised;

Standing before Allah what face will we show?

When the truth of our actions will freely flow.


: by a mighty friend, who has made a difference.  You certainly are. 🙂


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